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Real Estate is so much more to me than selling houses. My true passion is helping people change their world. I believe my purpose on this earth is to keep those in my world from suffering in their world. I come from a long line of immigrant Italians that lived to serve. Being a third-generation realtor, I was raised to understand important philosophies in life like compassion; self-discipline; positivity; willpower; work ethic, and Family. I believe our world is much better served by great nations, and a great nation is better served by a strong state, and a strong state is better served by a united community, and a united community is better served by a loving Family, and a loving family begins at HOME.
A home to me is more than the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, it is a backdrop of great memories. Memories of roasting marshmallows by the fire; enjoying a weekend cook out & summertime in the pool; memories of playing in the back yard (not staring at an Ipad screen); Bedtime stories and prayers before bed; Birthday parties; everybody home to watch the big game, or even memories of family dinners at the kitchen table. Growing up in such a loving family myself, all I ever wanted to be was a Dad, because I believe that it is more important to mean everything to someone that it is to just mean something to everyone. So, when I got married, it only made sense that my Dad would be my best man.
When my Dad died a year after the wedding on my 26th Birthday my destiny to end human suffering and change the world was set in motion. The most stressful time in a homeowner’s life is when they buy or sell their home. Through my own suffering, God has blessed me with wisdom & understanding, which is exactly what is required to successfully sell real estate and deliver a stress-less experience for the client.
Hi, I am Robert Paolini. The agent you hire to sell your home, negotiate on your behalf, and protect your equity and interests are going to use both brain and heart to help you make good decisions. We at Paolini properties of Berkshire Hathaway home services are experts in the local market & communication, and our culture that defines us comes from the same heart that has been serving others with truth and love for over 3 generations. Call us when you’re ready, and we will make even more great memories together!

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Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Gold Chairman Top Producer. Author of the best seller, "Good Talk Big Sales". Agent trainer and team lead as well as Notary Public and Marriage Officiant.

Robert Paolini
Residential Realtor & Notary Public
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Robert Paolini

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